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Advances in technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and biotechnology have the potential to disrupt the rules of the game for every industry.

Challengers with big dreams, new tools and a "can do" attitude are creating new sources of value, changing the face of competition and disrupting the foundations on which our industries and institutions are built.

To prepare your business for the changes ahead you need to adopt a fresh approach to strategy and leadership, and be ready to disrupt your business before someone else does it for you.

Let disrupt it help set you on the right track to the future.

The 10 Most Disruptive Technology Combinations

This article was first published on 9 February 2013.

This article from PC Mag was written back in 2008 but, even though it’s slightly dated I’ve posted it for the following reasons:

  1. It provides ten very good case studies of disruption through to 2008 that are recent enough for us all to remember and that we can all identify with (it’s always useful to be able to list examples).
  2. More importantly, it very explicitly makes the point that in each case the disruption was the product of the convergence of at least two technologies rather than the result of a big bang from any single technological development.  That’s a very important point because it helps explain why disruption is complex, why we so often fail to see it coming and why the impacts are often so much more far reaching than we could have imagined.

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